As an animal shelter volunteer, fosterer, and one half of a therapy dog team (definitely not the better half!), I care deeply about animals and animal welfare. 

Below are links to several blog posts where I share the knowledge I've gained through volunteering and fostering.  I've also written blog posts that I hope will be helpful to pet owners in keeping their own pets safe and happy.

Emergencies can happen any time of year.  Snow storms in Winter, Hurricanes in summer, Tornados nearly all year round, and other types of disasters that can impact you and your pets.  Are your pets prepared for an emergency?

How will your pets react in an emergency?   How do animals fit into FEMA's disaster and emergency planning

The importance of Spay/Neuter to prevent unwanted litters and more homeless pets.

Animal Cruelty doesn't just hurt animals, it hurts entire communities as well.  This post discusses How Animals Cruelty Hurts Everyone.

Transporting shelter pets to save lives.  Shelter transport can give dogs in one community a better opportunity to be adopted in another city or state.

Fostering Saves Lives!  Could You Foster a Dog to Save His Life?

Three Simple Acts can help Stamp Out Pet Homelessness

Extreme pet lovers like us dream about becoming a No Kill nation, but is that really everyone's priority?  How can we put an END to pet homelessness and euthanasia?  I believe the only true solution to pet homelessness is to shift the paradigm through Education. 

Please don't turn your back on homeless pets simply because they've ended up in a shelter that isn't no-kill.  They didn't have a choice!  Why I volunteer at a shelter that ISN'T No-Kill


  1. What a great and important post about animal welfare, all so true :) thanks

  2. Thanks Ruth! I appreciate the kind words.