Dog Friendly Events That Help Rescue Dogs

I'm always searching for great Dog Events in my area.  A dog friendly event that benefits shelter or rescue animals? Even better!  I was so excited when Carol, from Fidose of Reality, told me about a Dog Friendly Breakfast event near me that would benefit Long Island Bulldog Rescue!  Needless to say, I wanted IN!


Dog Events That Help Rescue Dogs.  Pet Events. Helping Shelter Dogs.
My dog Phoebe as the "cream" in a Cocker Spaniel Sandwich with Coco and Dexter at a Pet Event to help Bulldogs in need!


Even though Icy is a Siberian Husky and Phoebe is a Havanese, Maltese mix (we think!), my dogs are always happy to lend a paw to help any animal shelters and rescue pets in need.  I rescued Phoebe from the county animal shelter, where I volunteered when we lived in Phoenix.  Phoebe knows what it's like to be a frightened shelter dog (read her story here!)

There aren't that many Dog Friendly Restaurants on Long Island, so a pet event at a restaurant with a dog friendly patio is a welcome find!  The Refuge, in Melville New York, teamed up with Tito's Vodka to co-sponsor a fabulous dog friendly brunch to help a local Bulldog rescue.


I love a pet friendly restaurant that is truly dog welcoming!  Dog events, Pet events, Dog friendly,
Phoebe relaxing in Carol's arms at the table.  Coco sittin' pretty in her mom Christine's lap  
A truly welcoming pet friendly restaurant goes out of it's way to show dogs how happy they are to see them!

Dog Friendly Restaurant The Refuge, Melville New York, offered a special dog menu at this wonderful Dog Event to benefit a local dog rescue.
Dog friendly restaurant The Refuge really knows how to welcome the pups! This little guy sure was enjoying his special doggie meal.

Talk about a dog friendly restaurant that really gets it, The Refuge even offered a special doggie menu!  On the menu were steak and brown rice or chicken and brown rice dishes made especially for dogs!  I ordered the chicken and rice for Phoebe.  Coco had the chicken and rice too, and Dexter had the steak and rice.  Our dogs thoroughly enjoyed their dog friendly meals!

Beautiful outdoor patio at The Refuge in Melville, Long Island New York. They co-sponsored a fabulous dog friendly event with Tito's Vodka
The outdoor patio at The Refuge is so nice.  It has a beautiful bar and lots of seating.


Phoebe is a bit of a social butterfly, so she enjoyed making friends with many of the other dogs in attendance.  She met Bulldogs, Pomeranians, Schnauzers, and even a white Husky (jealous much, Icy??)!  How cute are these little sweeties!?

Dog Events that help pets in need can be Fun and Rewarding!  Dog friendly Pet events, Dog friendly restaurants in New York, Dogs, Dog Rescue Events
My dog Phoebe made lots of friends at the dog rescue brunch!

Along with a delicious brunch, there were free flowing dog treats and raffle baskets.  One of the baskets was a Tito's Vodka gift basket!  I had visions of hosting a girl's night with fun drinks made with Tito's Vodka, which I love.  I bought $20 worth of raffle tickets and put nearly ALL of them into the Tito's gift basket.  Sadly, I did not win.  My girl's night Tito's Vodka party was not to be.  *SIGH*

Great dog event at The Refuge restaurant on Long Island NY to benefit Bulldog Rescue.  Co-sponsored by Tito's Vodka. Pet friendly events, Dog friendly restaurants
What a great dog friendly event!  Thanks to The Refuge and Tito's Vodka for sponsoring this brunch to benefit Long Island Bulldog Rescue.

Literally, BEST. OMELETTE. EVER. I can't wait to go back to The Refuge for brunch!  

Great dog friendly restaurant in Melville NY, hosted a brunch to benefit a local dog rescue.  Pet friendly events
Delicious omelette at The Refuge brunch to benefit dog rescue

Have you been to, or plan to attend, any Pet Friendly Events this season?  Tell us about it in the comments.  We love hearing about adventures with your pets too!


  1. We had so much fun with you and so glad you came to hang out with us. I am in love with Phoebe - everyone just adored her. You have the best behaved and happiest dogs, I swear. You rock, my friend, and I am so glad our paths have connected. Great write up!

  2. Oh my gosh! That looks like SO much fun! Events like these are my favorite. What a blast :) As you know, our event season doesn't start until the fall.

  3. It looks like a wonderful event! I love that photo of Phoebe, Coco and Dexter. There aren't many dog friendly places in my area, so it would be a real treat to even see other people's dogs at one. Too bad you didn't win the Tito's basket! (Maybe next year, they'll do it again and you'll win.)

  4. This is awesome that you get the chance to attend this event that help dogs, Carol always has great suggestions fun you had the chance to hangout with her. That omelette truly looks good!

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see social events that benefit rescue. Fun for pups and their people with the benefit of helping out our fellow rescues! Reese would have enjoyed the steak meal. So glad you and Phoebe enjoyed the event.

  6. That sounds like a fun event! This spring we went to the Rescue Dog Olympics here. Echo got to compete in the events and we brought Yoshi home that day as our foster dog. We adopted him a only week later!

  7. What a wonderful event.... I love omelettes... they're for the dogs too, right? ~ Dear Mishu

  8. What a wonderful event, and I love how it brings the community together, everyone doing their part to help raise much needed funds and awareness. I bet you had a blast!

  9. We are always looking for fresh new fund raising/awareness raising events for our shelter. Thanks for the great idea!

  10. That sounded like such a pawsome event and there is nothing I love more than events helping rescues, they are the best

  11. This is so amazing. I wish we had events like that around here. But there aren't enough people here to put together an event, I suppose.

  12. What a fab event, we love a dog friendly event too! We have been to a lovely event in support of a dog rescue charity here in London. They are so much fun!

  13. Wow a dog-friendly restaurant that actually made meals for the dogs. How cool! Sounds like a great event.

  14. That sounds like it was a great event. What fun. The Refuge seems like a great place. Great looking food too.

  15. What a neat event! Looks like all the doggos had a blast! And what a great way to support a rescue. :)