Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Accidental Pet Adoption

Although this is, for the most part, a dog blog I had cats as well for most of my life.  When I was young and lived with my parents we had outdoor cats.  There seemed to always be stray cats that found their way into our yard.  Awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering wasn't as strong as it is today.  My parents thought is was fine to just let stray cats be, so we fed them and enjoyed them outside, rarely inviting them inside the house.

I always wanted an indoor cat of my own.  One that would sit in my lap as I watched TV and sleep in my bed with me.  When I was finally out in the world and able to move out of their house, one of the first things I wanted to do was get a cat.  However, I had moved into Manhattan and having your own apartment was prohibitively expensive.  Most young people starting out in New York City share apartments with one or more roommates.  I was thrilled to be living in the city and after an exhaustive search I finally found a roommate situation.  I couldn't wait to get my cat, but it was not to be.  My roommate didn't like cats and wouldn't let me get one.  The next roommate I had didn't want a cat either.

A couple of years later I moved back to Long Island, where I could afford my own apartment.  With this move I knew I could finally get the cat I so desperately wanted!  There was no one and nothing to stop me.

Sometimes the Accidental Pet Adoption can be the best kind of adoption! Pet adoption, Cat adoption
My beautiful Calico kitty, Maggie, the cat I had longed for
I asked around and searched for a kitten.  It was Winter and there weren't as many kittens around at that time of year.  A friend of my sister's is involved in rescue and found out I was looking for a kitten and that I longed for a Calico kitten.  She knew of a Calico kitten that would be ready to be adopted in a couple of weeks.  Sight unseen I said I would take her!

I was so excited!!  I was finally getting a kitten of my very own, an indoor kitty who would sit in my lap while I watched TV and sleep in my bed with me.  I began preparing for my new Calico kitten.  There happen to be a Petco within walking distance from my apartment, so the very next evening I walked over there after work.  I picked out some cute bowls, a carrier, a bed, and a litter box for her.

As I was getting ready to leave the store I saw a woman walk into the Petco carrying a cardboard box with some holes in it.  I knew there had to be an animal in there and I was curious so I followed her to the back of the store.  She took the box to an area with a few cages.  Apparently, they had a small cat adoption center in the store.

I couldn't help but lean in close to see as the woman opened the box and lifted out an adult Tabby cat.  I remarked that the cat such really pretty markings.  "Are you looking for a cat to adopt?" she asked.  I told her I was there buying supplies to get ready for my new kitten who would be ready to come home in 2 weeks.  She asked if I might be interested in adopting a second cat.  "Oh no!" I said. One kitty was enough.  Then the woman asked if I wanted to hold the Tabby cat.  By now I know that once you hold them, they steal your heart!  He was so sweet, he nuzzled into my armpit as I held him!  But I gave him back, saying I just couldn't have two cats.

One cat would be enough... or would it?
I left the store and went home with my pet supply purchases.  As I lie in bed that night I couldn't stop thinking about that adorable, sweet Tabby cat.  On my way to to work the next day I thought about him while I was on the train.  Then I thought about him all through my first meeting.  By lunchtime I had told my co-workers and my boss all about him and how sweet he was.  I couldn't take it anymore, I just had to have that cat!

I ducked into a conference room and frantically dialed the rescue woman's number.  She was smart enough to give me her card.  As the phone rang I prayed he hadn't been adopted in the 18 hours since I last held him.   When I got her on the phone, the woman said the cat was still available for adoption!  I told her I'd meet her back at Petco that very night.

Maggie and Mousey, my dynamic kitty duo!
I couldn't wait to get home after work and go pick up my new furry friend.  Thanks to the previous night's shopping spree, I already had the supplies I needed to bring home my new cat.  It was so exciting to see him again and bring him home.  Not only did I finally have a cat, but in two weeks I would have TWO cats.  I was overjoyed!  I just hoped they would get along.

My new cat was quite shy and quiet and very sweet.  Because of his shy demeanor I named him Mousey.   We bonded instantly and my time alone with him was wonderful.  I was still excited to get my new Calico kitten though, and I couldn't wait for her to join our little family as well.

Adopting Mousey was what I like to call "the accidental adoption", which can turn out to be the very best kind of adoption!

Yeah, two cats are definitely better than one!  Mousey was my happy "accident", for which I am eternally grateful!
My Calico kitten was expected to come home with me in 2 weeks but because I had adopted another cat, we had to wait an additional 2 weeks for her to be old enough to get a Feline Lukemia test.  The test was negative - Whew!  I had already known I wanted to name my new Calico kitten Maggie, so when she turned 9 weeks old I traveled into Harlem to pick Maggie up and bring her home.

When she first arrived tiny Maggie was all piss and vinegar!  She hissed and raised her back at Mousey, who was completely non-plussed by her tough demeanor.  I think he was actually amused!  He laid down and stretched out on the floor to show her he was no threat.  It took a few days, but Maggie finally settled down and the two of them became fast friends.  In fact, they cuddled together all day long and were virtually inseparable.

I loved Mousey and Maggie so much, they were a big part of my life in those years.  Sadly, Mousey only lived another 3 years or so.  He had a heart murmur which caused him to leave us way too soon.  Losing Mousey was devastating for both me and for Maggie. 

Maggie cat and I were together for nearly 19 years before she passed away.  She was with me through so many life changes, some wonderful and some tragic.  But through it all, we were together, and that's what really matters.  Maggie and Mousey will always be in my heart.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Winner, Winner, So Much Better Than A Chicken Dinner!

Recently BlogPaws, the premiere pet blogging and social media network hosted a contest on Instagram.  You had to leave a comment about how you first discovered BlogPaws and why the annual BlogPaws conference is important to you.  The prize was a $200 Pet Travel Kit from  I was so excited when I found out We Won the contest!!!

Dog toy we won from BlogPaws &  Contest winner. Dogs, Pets, pet products
I think Phoebe was more excited than I was about all the great dog products we won in the contest!
As most of my readers know, we travel a lot with our dogs, Icy and Phoebe.  When planning vacations I always search for pet friendly destinations.  If we can't bring the dogs I pretty much don't want to go there!  As far as I'm concerned, Pets Are Family and you don't leave family behind when you're going on a fabulous vacation!  Well, OK sometimes you need to leave family behind when you take a holiday, but most of the time I want my fur kids with me if I'm traveling to a great vacation spot.

A few days after being notified that we won the contest, this box full of wonderful dog goodies from Chewy,com arrived on our front porch.

We Won the BlogPaws & contest and a fabulous Pet Travel Products prize!  Travel products for dogs, Pet travel, pet products for travel, dog treats,
We won the BlogPaws & Pet Travel contest on Instagram!  Here is the first half of the winnings Chewy sent us.

I am so thrilled with all the wonderful pet travel gifts we got from  Natural Balance treats, a giant Nylabone chew stick, Kong toys, a treat bag and more!  Here's a closer look at these wonderful pet products from BlogPaws and!

As if this wasn't fabulous enough, the next morning another box from Chewy was sitting on the front porch!  The dogs and I were so excited, it felt like Christmas morning!  This second box contained car travel safety harnesses for the dogs, a fabulous travel bag that will fit all of the dogs' travel gear, travel bowls, a beautiful pet blanket and more.

The Pet Travel products we won from BlogPaws & will be so useful on our road trips with the dogs. Pets, Pet travel, Dog travel, pet friendly travel, pet travel products, dog car safety travel harness for dogs
The second box of pet travel goodies from had everything we need for  great road trip!
Here's a closer look at the wonderful pet products in the second box of pet travel gifts from BlogPaws and!

When we travel with our dogs it's almost always by car.  Phoebe is a small dog and can fly in the airplane cabin with me.  But Icy is a Siberian Husky, way too big to fly in the cabin of an airplane, and I won't put my pets in airplane cargo.  When we moved to Phoenix years ago, we thought it best to find a home and settle in before bringing our cat Maggie over.  That meant I had to fly my cat by herself in airplane cargo.  I hired a company to do all the necessary work needed for a pet to fly in cargo but I can't tell you how worried and stressed I was!  Flying with your pet in the airplane cabin is a bit of a process, but  I didn't realize how complicated it would be to fly pets in cargo.  Never again, so now we load up the car and road trip with the dogs!

All these wonderful pet travel products will be so helpful on our trips, including the road trip I'll be taking to the BlogPaws 10th Anniversary Conference in April!


Will we see YOU at this year's BlogPaws Pet Blogging and Social Media Conference?


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

What Happens To Your Pet If You Can't Pay the Vet?

It's a pet parent's worst nightmare.  Your dog or cat has a terrible accident, gets attacked by another animal, is hit by a car, or gets a devastating health diagnosis from your Veterinarian.  

Once the shock and pain have set in, the fear comes.  Not just the fear of Will my pet be ok, but the fear of How in heaven's name am I going to PAY for this?!  What if I can't pay and the Vet won't treat my pet?  After all, Veterinarians need to make a living too.   With medical school, malpractice, staff payroll and other mounting costs, they can hardly be expected to act as charity institutions.  Many people are turning to Pet Health Insurance to help ease the fear of being blindsided by a hugely expensive Veterinary bill they can't afford.

Finding good Pet Insurance can be mind boggling, Consumersadvocate can help.  Health insurance for Dogs, Cats, Pets,
Finding good Pet Insurance can be a daunting task
Pets are Family, and every family member deserves medical treatment, especially in the face of an emergency or life threatening illness.  The fear of not being able to pay for Veterinary services in the event of a serious pet injury or illness has led to substantial growth of the Pet Insurance industry.

This post is sponsored by Consumers Advocate® . I am being compensated to share information about Consumers Advocate's  information and reviews of the Pet Insurance landscape and product offerings.  As always, we only share information we feel is relevant and helpful to our readers.

In 1982, Lassie was the first dog in the U.S. to have a pet insurance policy.  Since then, along with the rise in pet health care costs, the pet health insurance industry has exploded.  According to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA), the governing body of pet insurance in North America, the North American pet insurance industry is estimated to be upwards of $774 Million!

According to Statista, a large statistics and studies organization:

🐶 There are nearly 90 million dogs and over 96 million cats in the U.S.

🐈 The cost of Pet Care in the U.S. is estimated to be $47 Million

🐶 The estimated annual cost of medical expenses for a pet in the U.S. is $425

The pet business as a whole is a more than $66 Billion industry!  Included in that $66 Billion, is a hefty chunk of change that is spent on providing medical care for pets.  With that kind of potential revenue in all areas of pet care it's no surprise that more companies want to claim their fair share of the pet insurance pie! 

Each year more people are purchasing health insurance for their pets, especially in the U.S.  According to NAPHIA, by the end of 2016, nearly 1.6 Million pets in the United States had pet health insurance.  The majority of those pet health insurance plans cover both illness and accidents.

Understanding Pet Insurance can be difficult, there are so many differences in companies & plans. Consumersadvocate provides information & ratings for pet health insurance companies.  Dogs, Cats, Pets, Pet health, Pet Insurance.
Pet Insurance companies and plans vary widely but finding the right health insurance plan for your dog or cat is vital. 
It seems so simple, just go out and buy a Pet Health Insurance policy and you'll never have to worry about being hit with Vet bills you can't afford.  Right?  If only it were that simple.  

Although there has been a huge increase in the number of pet owners purchasing health insurance for pets, not all pet insurance plans are alike.  In fact, navigating the Pet Insurance landscape can be mind boggling.  Prices, which illnesses and accidents are covered, when and why a claim may be denied, and what Veterinarians you can go to, vary widely from one pet insurance company and plan to another.  

Consumersadvocate does a great job of explaining the benefits and limitations of the many Pet Insurance companies and policies out there, on their web site.  Check out this video to see how Consumersadvocate can help you find the right Pet Health Insurance plan for your pet.

Years ago when Icy was a puppy, I won a year's worth of Pet Insurance.  It seemed like a good thing to have in case of an emergency, but when I read the policy I saw that we would have to leave our beloved Veterinarian and use a Vet from their list of participating Veterinarians.  Because of that restriction, I wouldn't use the insurance.  Our fabulous Veterinarian was too important to us!

A financially devastating injury or illness can strike at any age in your dog's life.  Pet Insurance can help ease the fear of not being able to pay your pet's medical costs.  Pet health, Pet medical care, dogs, cats, pets, pet health insurance.
A financially devastating illness or injury can occur at any stage of your dog's life.
Since then, I have thought about getting Pet Health Insurance for Icy and Phoebe but it seemed so confusing to me.  There are so many companies and differences in policies that finding a pet insurance policy was overwhelming!  The years ticked by and now my girls are both senior dogs over 8 years old.  

Thankfully my dogs haven't had health issues we couldn't afford to pay for, but I have friends with pets who have had prohibitively expensive medical issues.  Pet Insurance can be a Godsend in those instances, IF you have the right policy. 

Visit the Consumersadvocate Pet Insurance page on their web site to figure out what questions to ask and see which companies offering Pet Insurance are rated the best.  They provide so much great advice and insight about pet insurance in general, pet insurance companies, and policies on their web site.  

If you're thinking about getting health insurance for your pet and want to learn more about how to go about finding the right plan, their web site is a great primer.  I suggest you go there first to start learning about pet insurance and the top pet insurance companies available.  

If you're lucky you'll find a great pet insurance plan that can help pay for unexpected and expensive medical issues that come up for your pets.  If you don't, you'll end up like some pet parents I know who were totally blindsided when they found out that their pet's medical treatment wasn't covered by the pet insurance plan they bought.

One of my blogger friends at McSquare Doodles has beautiful Goldendoodles.  As a young puppy, her dog Bernie was diagnosed with atypical Addison's disease. Certainly an unexpected, serious illness for which you'd want your pet insurance to provide coverage.  Unfortunately, simply because Bernie had been to the Vet once for vomiting 2 months prior to his diagnosis the pet insurance company denied coverage for any costs related to his Addison's disease, claiming he must have had a "pre-existing condition"!  It's no surprise that she dropped that pet insurance, but the "damage" of being denied coverage was already done.  Learn more about Addison's Disease and how Irene is dealing with her dog Bernie's atypical Addison's Disease on her blog.

Conversely, my friend Jodi at Kohl's Notes, got insurance for her dogs, Felix and Kol.  She was lucky to have a great insurance plan that, over the years, covered several thousand dollars worth of treatments for Felix' torn ACL's and Kol's IVDD (Intervertebral Disk Disease) attack.  In fact, this week Jodi just told me that Felix hurt his back and her pet insurance company once again reimbursed her - for 80% of the cost!

You want to make the right choice and find a pet insurance company and plan that is reliable and provides great coverage.  One that won't look for a reason to deny your insurance claim just when you need it most.  There is some leg work involved, but Consumersadvocate is a great place to start your research!

With the rising cost of Veterinary care for pets, many pet owners are buying Pet Health Insurance. The right Pet Insurance plan can be a life saver, but finding a great company & plan isn't easy.  Here are some tips for finding great Pet Insurance for dogs, cats, and other pets.  Pet Care, Pet Health,  Dog Health,  Find a Pet Insurance Plan
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 Consumersadvocate provides reviews and ratings of companies across 110 different industries so you can make informed decisions when choosing a company or product.  Pet Insurance is just one area in which you can find helpful information and ratings to help you make informed choices.  You'll also find information and thorough reviews on Mortgage Refinancing, Travel or Car Insurance, Home Security and much more!  They make it easier for you by doing the legwork!


Have you ever had, or thought about getting, pet health insurance?  Tell us about it in the comments, we'd like to hear about your experience with pet insurance.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Can Omega 3 Supplements Improve Pet Health?

It pains me to say it but my dogs are getting on in years. Icy and Phoebe are both turning 9 this year.  I can't believe they're senior pets, where did the time go?!  As they've aged, I have seen some changes in my dogs vitality and skin coat so I've been researching the benefits of supplements for pets.

There have been so many advances in pet health over the years, enabling pets to live longer healthier lives.  If you read my earlier post in January about Giving Pets The Gift Of Good Health, you know that pet supplements are something I've become very interested in for Icy and Phoebe.  

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for dogs.  Omega 3 supplements for pets can provide many benefits.  Pet health, Pet supplements, Dog supplements
Icy has always been able to hike for miles at a time!  I want  her to be able to keep doing that for years to come.

I want my dogs to be as healthy and active as possible so we can continue sharing adventures together for many years to come!  I feed them high quality dog food, give them medications to protect them from Ticks, Fleas, and Heartworm disease, and I make sure they get lots of exercise.  At this stage of their lives I feel they could benefit from additional supplements, including Omega 3 fatty acids. 
This post is sponsored by Salveo Petcare® . I am being compensated to help share information about Salveo's Pet Supplement products, but as always we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers.

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to pet health and are an important part of a dog's diet. 

Dogs are physiologically unable to make their own Omega 3 fatty acids. This is why dogs have a dietary need for the Omega 3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic (EPA), alpha linoleic acid (ALA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).  

Omega 3 essential fatty acids can be found in high quality pet foods, but usually in small amounts.  It can be beneficial to your pet's health to add Omega 3 fatty acids to their diet.   

Omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for a pet's: 

🐶 Healthy Skin and Coat. 
Poor skin condition can cause itching, irritation, and skin allergies, which could lead to bacterial infections

😺 Immune Function

🐶 Heart and Brain function

😺 Joint function

🐶 Reducing inflammation in the body. Many common pet diseases cause inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids can help lessen the development of inflammation in a pet's body

😺 Allergies, largely due to the ability of Omega 3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation  

🐶 According to PETMD, Omega 3 fatty acids can help with kidney function, lymphoma, heart disease, cognitive function, arthritis, and other conditions

Fish oils, such as salmon and other fish oils are great sources of Omega 3's 

Salveo Petcare's fish oil supplements are a great way to add Omega 3 fatty acids to your dog or cat's diet.  I recently discovered Salveo Petcare's OMEGA 3 WILD FISH OIL and WILD SALMON OIL WITH OMEGA 3.  I've started adding Salveo's fish oil supplements to Icy and Phoebe's diet. 

I love that Salveo Petcare fish oil supplements for pets are:

🐟 Human grade
🐟 Free of GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms)
🐟 Have no artificial preservatives
🐟 Made in the USA and FDA approved
🐟 The salmon and other fish oils in their supplements are wild caught for purity

Pin This!!

Facts and Ingredients label on Salveo Petcare's Omega 3 with Wild Fish Oil Supplements

Facts and Ingredients label on Salveo Petcare's Wild Salmon Oil with Omega 3's

In an article written by Dr. Karen Becker, DVM,  she explains that Omega 3s, play a huge role in your pet’s health and can also provide the following benefits:

💗 Can slow the development and spread of certain pet cancers

💗 Slow the growth of common yeast infections in dogs and cats

💗 Aid in the proper development of the retina and visual cortex

💗 Help prevent certain heart problems in your pet

💗 Help maintain healthy blood pressure and decrease triglyceride and blood cholesterol levels and help regulate blood-clotting.

I can give Icy and Phoebe their Salveo Petcare fish oil supplements directly or pierce the gel capsules and add it to their food, which is so easy.   They love the taste of these supplements, I guess because they are fish oil and my dogs LOVE all things fish!

Salveo Petcare fish oil supplements with Omega 3 fatty acids.  Pet care, Pet health, Dogs, Salmon oil,
Icy and Phoebe love the taste of their Salveo Petcare Fish Oil Supplements!
You can find Salveo Petcare supplements on Amazon


NOTE: I am not a Veterinarian or Vet Tech, nor do I play one online! As always, be sure to check with your Veterinarian before adding any supplements to your pet's diet.  

Do you give your pet supplements or fish oils?  Tell us about it in the comments!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Dressing My Dogs Like Twins

I get a kick out of dressing Icy and Phoebe in matching bandanas.  I haven't put them in matching outfits yet, but maybe for Halloween I'll get matching dog costumes!

Icy and Phoebe in matching Natural Balance bandanas we got at the BlogPaws conference last year.

Icy and Phoebe in their matching cheeta print bandanas.  These are my favorite!
If you ask me Who Wore It Better I'll never be able to answer, I'm way too bias!  My dogs are both beautiful to me.  💖

Do you dress your pets up in matching collars, bandanas, or clothing?  Tell us about it in the comments.


Friday, March 23, 2018

Dog Friendly Vacation in West Palm Beach, Florida

West Palm Beach, Florida is a great place to vacation with or without pets.   West Palm Beach is on Florida's East coast, about 73 miles North of Miami and 170 miles South of Orlando.  It's a quick drive to upscale Palm Beach, just on the other side of intercoastal across the Flagler Memorial Bridge.

Both swanky Palm Beach & West Palm Beach in Florida are dog friendly.  My dog Phoebe catches the beauty of West Palm Beach from across the intercoastal  on the dog friendly Palm Beach Lake Trail.  Pet friendly travel destination. Travel with dogs.
Phoebe overlooking the beauty of dog friendly West Palm Beach from the Palm Beach Lake Trail, across the Flagler Bridge & intercoastal waterway.
Last month we took a road trip with our dogs from Long Island, New York down to West Palm Beach.  After weeks of continuous frigid temperatures and more snow than I care to shovel, I had to get away from Old Man Winter!  I'm so glad I had that break because upon our return to New York, we got hit with 4 Nor'easter storms in a row.  Mother Nature has clearly lost her mind.

Dog Friendly West Palm Beach

I was delighted to see how dog friendly West Palm Beach is!  I was so happy with our choice of hotel, the Hyatt Place hotel in downtown West Palm Beach.  The location was perfect, especially for walking and socializing with the dogs.  There were three areas, all walking distance to our hotel, that made this the ideal location for a pet friendly vacation.

The intercoastal walkway

Just one block East of the hotel is the beautiful paved walkway that runs along the intercoastal waterway.  This long walkway is perfect any time of day or evening.  The path is wide and the views of the water are beautiful.  There are some grassy patches too if your dog needs a potty break. 

The dog friendly walkway along the intercoastal waterway in downtown West Palm Beach is a great place to walk your dog.  Great pet travel destination for dogs.
The Beautiful dog friendly walkway along the intercoastal waterway in downtown West palm Beach
Take a stroll down the long pier that stretches out onto the water for an even better view of the surrounding area.

Looking for a travel destination that allows dogs?  Dog friendly West Palm Beach is perfect. There's plenty of dog friendly walking along the water.
The long pier off the downtown West Palm Beach walkway offers lovely views day or evening
You can also walk your dog across the Flagler Memorial Bridge.  The bridge itself is so lovely and views of the water and downtown West Palm Beach are beautiful, especially at night.

There is so much dog friendly walking in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach. The walk across the beautiful Flagler Memorial Bridge is stunning, day or night.
The Flagler Bridge beautifully lit up at  night.

The Palm Beach Trail

Once you cross over the Flagler Bridge you'll be in glamorous Palm Beach.  Just over the bridge on the left you will come across a parking lot and the start of the Palm Beach Trail.  The trail runs for several miles along the intercoastal from the bridge, along most of Palm Beach island.  Along the way you'll pass the famous Flagler Museum.  There are some gorgeous homes along one side of the trail and on the other side you get a great view of downtown West Palm Beach across the water.

The Palm Beach Trail runs along the intercoastal waterway in Palm Beach.  It's a great dog friendly walk, right across the Flagler Memorial Bridge from West Palm Beach, Florida.  A great dog friendly vacation destination with dogs or other pets
We loved walking the dogs along the Palm Beach Trail, enjoying the water views and peaking into the yards of the upscale homes along the trail.
We really enjoyed the sites along this pet friendly walking trail!  Thankfully, there were a few areas with shade where we could stop for a water break with the dogs.  As we passed some of the private piers we saw a few big lizards sunning themselves.  Icy was completely enthralled with the lizards and wanted to get up close & personal with them.  Of course, we didn't let her get too close!

Check out this wild looking tree we spotted at the edge of someone's yard along the Palm Beach Trail!  How'd you like to have this tree growing in your yard??

City Place

East of our hotel, along the water, is all natural beauty but West of the hotel is where the action is! About a 7 minute walk West of the hotel is City Place, an upscale shopping and dining area.  It's not just an outdoor mall, it's an entertainment area, where they have music and other events taking place.  

City Place in West Palm Beach Florida is a great place for dining, shopping, or just people watching! It's dog friendly as well.  Great dog friendly vacation spot. Pets
The center of beautiful City Place, where there's daytime shopping and nighttime action!
City Place, West Palm Beach Florida is a great place for dining, shopping, & entertainment.  It's pet friendly too!
There are plenty of shops and restaurants in City Place. 
City Place is a large area, encompassing several blocks.  We spent most of our time in the main "square" you see pictured above.  There are some great restaurants and shops in City Place, or you can just grab a coffee and people watch!

Village Gourmet Cheese Shop in the heart of City Place, West Palm Beach Florida.  Their breakfast sandwiches are fantastic!
One of our favorite breakfast places was the Village Gourmet Cheese Shop in the center of  City Place.
We loved City Place and spent many days and most of our evenings there.

A word of caution:  Clematis Street, near City Place, is kind of the "restaurant row" of downtown West Palm Beach.  However, there are a lot of homeless people who hang out there, especially during the daytime.  They have been known to come right up to outdoor diners asking for money and even grabbing food off their plates. 

I was accosted by a homeless man as we walked down Clematis one morning looking for a coffee shop.  He kept insisting that I take a small plastic bag of food from him and feed the contents to my dogs.  I don't know why he felt compelled to do that but he followed me for a few minutes trying to get me to take the bag.  Of course, wasn't my husband 50 feet ahead of me, oblivious to it.  LOL!!

Short Drive To Dog Friendly Beaches

Another great thing about West Palm Beach is that it's only a 15 to 20 minute drive to the BEST dog friendly beaches, Juno Beach and Jupiter Beaches!  

Check out my blog post on The Best Dog Friendly Beaches In Florida to find out more about the two best Florida beaches that allow dogs.

Would you consider West Palm Beach for your next dog friendly vacation?  Tell us in the comments!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Honored To Be A BlogPaws Pet Blogging & Social Media Awards Finalist!

The BlogPaws Nose To Nose Pet Blogging & Social Media Awards Finalists have been announced and we are bowled over to be among them!!  I was in shock the moment I learned that Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them was named a BlogPaws awards Finalist, in the category of Best Video - Sponsored Post.

I am beyond thrilled! I feel so honored to be named a Finalist in the prestigious BlogPaws Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards.

The BlogPaws Nose To Nose Awards recognize the expertise, creativity, performance and achievements of pet Bloggers and Influencers who write about pets online.

I'm thrilled to be named a BlogPaws Nose To Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards FINALIST!  The prestigious award recognizes bloggers and influencers who write about pets online. Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses, Reptiles, all pets are recognized.

We were nominated for the video we created for our sponsored TRUE CHEWS blog post, My Life Is a Journey Made Better With Dogs.

My mind can't help returning to 4 years ago when I was a brand new Blogger attending my first BlogPaws Conference in Las Vegas.  I remember sitting in the audience of one of many blogging workshops thinking "There is No Way anyone will ever pay me to write about their products!"  But I continued to attend the educational sessions, listen and learn.

When I returned home I joined the BlogPaws network and continued learning everything I could about blogging and social media.  About a year later I got my first sponsored post.  Fast forward to 2018 and I've got many sponsored posts under my belt AND now I'm a Nose To Nose Awards Finalist!!

I only dared to hope that one day I might be awarded the recognition and honor of being named a BlogPaws Nose To Nose Award Finalist.  After 4 years of blogging, that day has come!

I'm a FINALIST in the BlogPaws Nose To Nose Pet Blogging & Social Media Awards! My dogs Icy & Phoebe are inspiration for my blog.  Pets are welcome at the BlogPaws Conference!
Phoebe is already wondering what to wear on the Red Carpet this year!
Congratulations to all the Nose To Nose Awards Finalists! Want to know who else has been named a Nose To Nose Finalist?  Check out the full list of  52 BlogPaws Nose To Nose Award Finalists, in 13 Categories .  Sorry this post isn't exactly "Wordless", I'm too excited to be wordless!


Will you be attending the upcoming 10th Anniversary BlogPaws Conference next month?  Tell us in the comments. I hope to see you there!